Property management team

Who are we?

Konnect – Properties Promotion & Management

Our team consists of Corfiot professionals, who are specialised in different fields of tourism industry and IT.

Konnect specialises in comprehensive property management and promotion.

We have been operating continuously on the real estate market and dealing with the management and promotion of houses, apartments, villas as well as holiday complexes on Corfu since 2014. We are constantly expanding our experience and strengthening our position by acquiring more and more new orders.

We employ high class professionals with extensive experience in property promotion and management. In addition, our team is a group of experienced web developers and designers that are specialised in tourism industry.

What’s more, efficient property management requires not only knowledge of regulations and experience, but also extensive knowledge. Our entire team systematically raises qualifications thanks to trainings related to the wide subject of property management and promotion.

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