Short Term Accommodation Information

Our team has collected all the essential information and FAQs which may occur during cooperation. Of course, for any question and/or explanation, do not hesitate to contact us.

Does it worth renting your property via Airbnb (and relative sites) on the contrary to permanent renting?

Yes, it does more, since your property will be open mostly during the summer season and not so frequently during winter. That means, that within a shorter renting time-frame, you will have more profits and less wears.

Why should I rent my house in Airbnb or relative websites?

Since Corfiot tourism and generally tourism in Ionian Islands is being increased every year, Airbnb constitutes the easiest way of taking advantage of your property. Airbnb offers unique places in every price in more than 34.000 cities, whereas 50% of the reservations already exists in Europe.

What can I rent? I possess an apartment, a cottage in a village, a garage, a room, a patio, etc.

The most preferable for renting are the apartments in the city centre, the touristic accommodation, villas and smaller houses. There is also a visitor’s percentage which rents only one room but that may be a bit more complexes. At any case, the property has to be completely furnished and beautifully decorated with bright colors and warm ambiance, so that the visitor can feel like home.

What is Airbnb?

It is the biggest reservations’ company globally, which was establish in August of 2008 and its main office is in San Francisco, California. It focuses on the rental of unique properties such as apartments, houses, cottages as well as villas.

Are there any other companies apart from Airbnb?

There are other distinguished companies, which equally contest Airbnb in houses, villas and generally in touristic accommodation. Those are Homeaway,, Holiday Lettings, etc. However, Airbnb is the most competitive in the field of apartments within the city borders.

I have already registered properties in Airbnb, can you manage them?

Of course! Konnect manages properties, which are already registered in Airbnb and accomplishes to increase your reservations and receive better reviews.

Can I make decisions for the pricing of my property?

Being in a compensate and cooperative clime, our goals can be achieved by the best means. As aforementioned, we analyse your space by using scientific tools, we compare your property with the whole market and create an increasing perspective of pricing in order to bring about more reservations.

Can I determine the minimum stay?

Yes, you can! Just contact us for every desired changed. Take unto consideration that as much as you raise your minimum stay, as less your property will be shown in search results and thus the possibility of being chosen by a guest will decrease.

Which properties can be more easily reserved?

The properties which can be easily reserves are those with seaview, those which are located in the city centre or those which are situated in a known touristic destination. The most contributing factor to making a reservation is the photo shooting. The professional photographs increase the percentage of your property’s bookings.

What will Konnect do for you?

Konnect undertakes the construction, the registration and the promotion of your property in Airbnb, in other reservations’ companies as well as cooperative sites. The whole management, which includes responsive contact and arrangements with future guests as well as your update about your bookings, is undertaken by us. Additional services are professional photo-shooting of your space, welcome of the guests and presentation of your space during their arrival (check-in), check your space during their departure (check-out) as well as advice for decoration and restoration from executive coworkers. If you are interested in one of the above services, feel free to send us an e-mail or call us to stay informed!

Which are the standards of a property so that Konnect can undertake it?

Konnect undertakes property management in Corfu and in Paxos Island. Necessary requirements: furnished space, hot water, closets-storing spaces, kitchen or kitchenette, refrigerator, internet, air-conditioning, TV, first aid kit.

Which are the regions, in which you manage properties?

Konnect undertakes the management of properties in Corfu and Paxos Island. In other regions, we can only manage the registration of your property as well as the communication with the guest, so as to inform you about your reservations. If you are interested in something like that, please contact with us!

Can i keep my property closed for a specific amount of time?

Yes, you can. By entering our automatic calendar, you can put some dates as "blocked" and automatically all dates are closed in all platforms.

Strategy for increasing you bookings!

Konnect’s team is always working so that your property will be registered in every rental platform. It manages and renews your properties in social media as well as in the biggest property rental companies, renews the calendar, realizes target offers and negotiates through communication (with the future guest) for your bookings’ increase.

Do you have already reservations and you want to make a cooperation with us?

No problem at all. Based on an agreement and a profitable discount, we will be more than glad to undertake the management of those reservations, too, if you wish.

How can I pursue a cooperation with Konnect?

The only thing needed for the initiation of our cooperation is to fill in the Form and send us photos of your property, even videos! We will analyze your space and we will send you e-mail. From the moment we initiate our cooperation, you will make profit of your place.

When do the reservations begin?

After completing the private contract/terms and conditions with our company, we need less that 10 days to complete the registration of your property in all platforms.

When will my first reservation happen?

Since your property is ready to be rented, we need less than 10 day in order to complete the procedure and get you online. You can absolutely have a booking even from the first week. This depends on the period, during which your property will be uploaded in OTAs.

How can the pricing be determined?

Konnect uses scientific tools and creates a perspective of increasing pricing after comparing it with the whole market, in order to bring about more reservations and excellent reviews.

Which is my contact with the guest?

Since you are the one who is welcoming the guest, you will have direct communication with your guest. However, in case you want Konnect to manage check-in, there is no need of maintaining a contact. Both desires and needs of your guests will be covered by members of our company.

How much money can I make?

An important factor for your income is the type of accommodation you have, its situation as well its location. An apartment with 2 bedrooms in the centre of Old Town of Corfu and a bit old can bring an amount of 7,000 to 12,000 Euros per year. A renovated 2-bedroom house with private entrance and patio can bring from 7,000 to 15,000 Euros per year. We underline the fact that both the location and its current situation can play in important role on its promotion.

How will I get paid?

It depends on which platform the reservation has been made and what are the predictions of the particular agency for the payment methods. In some platforms, there is a deposit in advance by the time the reservation is confirmed and the rest is paid during at the arrival day. In other platforms, the total amount of the reservation is sent at the arrival day.

When do I get paid?

Every platform has a different payment policy. In most of the platforms, the payment is conducted one day after the arrival of the guest.

Which is the payment of Konnect?

Until the first reservation everything is free! You will not be charged for marketing research, the registration of your property, the websites and the chatting. Konnect’s payment is from 15% to 20% per booking, declaring that our goals are identical to yours, since we make profit only when you do.

Which are the payment methods of Konnect?

At the beginning of every month, the total amount of our commission is deposited in our account for the reservation of the previous month.

How does Konnect’s calendar work?

Konnect will manage all your questions and inquires about your space for you. Since you will have a reservation, we kindly ask to be informed as soon as possible so that we can avoid overbooking. If there is no update from you, Konnect will book your place for every available date. Thus, when Konnect makes a reservation, you have to accept it. If you desire to pause your cooperation with Konnect, you have to accept all future reservations, which have been made by us for your property. Konnect will be paid for those reservations.

What is smart calendar?

With Smart Calendar, you can be informed via E-mail for all your reservations as well as to put random dates during which you would not desire to rent your property.

Can I set extra rules for my space?

Of course you can! By completing the form of your space’s facilities, you can write down your rules you desire in the tab: additional rules. In case you are welcoming the guests, you can inform them for the house rules, otherwise we will!

Can I stay at my place when there are no reservations?

Of course! You can make it, since you are the ones who determine the booking availability of your property, of which you will be informed with our Smart Calendar.

Can I book some particular dates for my space?

From the moment that there is no reservation, of course you can! We highly suggest to inform us directly.

Can I concede my place only during the summer season?

Of course you can! The touristic season in Corfu and Paxos Island is during the summer season!

What happens if I have a pet in my place?

Konnect cannot manage the pet protection and care. Of course, you pet can be accommodates in your place. You have to mention it in the description of you place, so that your guests will acknowledge it.

What happens if a guest steals something from my place?

At each platform, the guest registers its personal details before the completion of a reservation. In the framework of your cooperation with Konnect, you will be requested to write down all your objectives. Of course, you will also be requested to remove objects of high monetary or sentimental value from your space. Based upon our experience, it is rare that something like that happens.

What happens if damages occur at my place?

In every platform, the guest has to submit its personal details before making a reservation. Since you let Konnect manage the check-in and check-out, we realize quickly any damage, wer take photographs of the place and we contact immediately with the respecting platform in order to be completely refunded. In case you are responsible for the check-in and check-out, you send us the photos from the caused damage and we act accordingly. Based upon our experience, it is unlikely that something like this happens.

How can I cancel my cooperation with Konnect?

Notwithstanding the fact that we would like to maintain long-term relationships, we understand the sometimes it is essential to pause, stop or cancel your cooperation with Konnect. With your registration, you agree with the Management Terms and Conditions. Briefly: You need to send a written notification two months earlier. Konnect will stop receiving new reservations for your properties. You cannot cancel reservations which have already been made. Konnect’s reward for future reservations which have already been made will be still owed after cooperation completion.

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