Property management services

Konnect undertakes the registration and the promotion of your property on services like Airbnb, as well as on coherent websites. The whole property management is undertaken by us. It includes chat interactions and arrangements with future guests according to your recommendations. Also, we can provide you with additional services like the professional photos of your property, check-in and presentation of your space to guests, property control during their check-out as well as decoration and restoration advices of experienced co-workers.

Our services

We offer professional property booking management.

We deal with effective customer acquisition through, among others, effective property promotion.

Booking Statements

Efficient and clear information flow, an analytical statement for all your bookings, ongoing monitoring of property occupancy are offered by our specialists. Furthermore, you will be having access to managers, coordinators and administrators 24 hours a day.

Multiple Channels

Thanks to constant development and numerous cooperation, with the leaders of the tourist market in Greece, your property will be able to be promoted through various channels such as booking platforms and travel agencies.

Online Bookings

Legal, safe and quick customer acquisition, property promotion and marketing on verified booking platforms.

Professional Photos

In order to create and consolidate in our clients’ minds the fact of existence and the positive image of your property, we provide professional photos.

Cleaning, Laundry and Changeover Services

Our company employs cleaning staff that take care of a high cleaning standard and a positive image of your property. Our properties are characterised by high marks in terms of cleanliness.

Space Improvement for guests with special needs

Referring to equality and social responsibility towards people with special needs, we provide appropriate equipment and advice on effective space management.

Interior Design

By recognising the needs of guests, our experienced co-workers will give important advice on decoration and renovation.

Statutory Liability

Based upon the size, the type and the amenities of your property, we find the most reasonable offer for the security of statutory liability so you can cover effectively all your needs.


  • Online Διαχείριση Καταλύματος (Simple)
  • %18

  • Chatting with guests
  • Market research
  • Price increase and dicrease
  • Payments tracking
  • Availability update
  • Guests' validity control
  • Online Διαχείριση Καταλύματος (Advanced)
  • % 23

  • Chatting with guests
  • Market research
  • Price increase and dicrease
  • Payments tracking
  • Availability update
  • Guests' validity control
  • Physical check-in


The cost for online property management both in Simple package and Advanced package is explained as follow;

Statement of booking 104 € :
Airbnb (Plarform) : 3-4% = 4 €
Konnect : 18% = 18 € + 3,6 € (Taxes) = 21,6 €
Owner: 78,4 €

Depending on the platform, changes may occur in commission percentage, which is withheld by the respective company.

In case a reservation is not made by Konnect, the percentage for this reservation is 0% (i.e. there is no commission).

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